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Glossary Of Terms
FGL Reference Documents
FGL Credit Application (PDF)
FGL Credit Card Payment Authority (PDF)
FGL Employment Application (PDF)
W-9 Form (PDF)
Geotracker Upload Authorization Form (PDF)
On-Farm Drinking Water Program (PDF)
On-Farm Drinking Water Website

FGL Accreditation Certificates and Permits
2021-2023 ELAP Certification - Santa Paula (PDF)
2021-2023 ELAP Certification - Stockton (PDF)
2021-2023 ELAP Certification - Chico (PDF)
2023-2024 ELAP Certification - San Luis Obispo (PDF)
2023-2025 ELAP Certification - Visalia (PDF)
2022-2024 ISO/EC 17025:2017 Certification for Biological Testing (PDF)
Tissue Permit PCIP-17-00408 (PDF)
Soil Permit P330-16-00204 (PDF)
Quarantine Commodity Permit QC 1381 (PDF)

Regulatory Limits
Drinking Water Regulatory Critera
Hazardous Waste Regulatory
Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure

Sampling Procedures
Agricultural Sampling Procedures
Environmental Sampling Procedures
Video Sampling Procedure
Cryptosporidium & E. Coli Pocket Guide (PDF)
2015 Asian Citrus Psyllid Leaf Sample Collection and Handling
Sampling Instructions for Aqueous_Samples

Nitrogen Management Plan - Calculating N Demand
NMP Nitrogen Demand Avocados (DOCX)
NMP Nitrogen Demand Citrus (DOCX)