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FGL Field Services

FGL maintains its own Field Services Department with trained and experienced technicians to provide sample collection or sample pick up services to our customers. Our field service technicians are knowledgeable in the proper procedures of sample handling and collection for all forms of water and wastewater, soil, plant tissue, and more. FGL field technicians understand the importance of samples delivering to the lab within the required holding time; prior to expiration.

FGL Field Service Technicians are professionals. They provide personalized service and believe every customer, regardless of size, is important. They arrive in clearly labeled company vehicles, carry the proper safety and personal protection gear, wear FGL labeled clothing and utilize quality field testing equipment and supplies.

While other labs may have outsourced this service to independent couriers, FGL has found our customers prefer a familiar face and the consistent, stable and friendly service they get from their FGL field technicians.

Each of FGL's five laboratory locations within California has its own field service technicians. We encourage you to contact the FGL location nearest you and schedule one of them to support your next sampling event.

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