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Soil Analyses

Please select an analysis below for sampling instructions and container information.
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Soil Analyses
Comprehensive Soil Suitability: --- Primary Nutrients- NO3-N, P, K Secondary- Exchangeable & Soluble Ca, Mg, Na, & SAR Toxic Elements- B, Cl, SO4 Micronutrients- Zn, Mn, Fe, Cu CEC & % Base Saturation- Ca, Mg, K, Na, H Others- %Moisture, %Saturation, pH, Soil Salinity, Limestone, Lime Requirement, Gypsum Requirement

Pre-Plant Soil Analysis: (designed specifically for vegetable and row crop grower pre-plant applications) Analysis for: NO3-N, P, K, Soil Salinity and pH

Additional Soil Analyses
Nitrate Nitrogen

Nitrogen, Phophorus, & Potassium

Bulk Density

Organic Matter
Carbon: Nitrogen Ratio

Gypsum Requirement
Percolation Method - tons/acre


Acid Titration to desired pH (Sulfuric Acid 98%, N-phuric acid 15/49, Citric Acid) (Soil or Irrigation Water)

Particle Size Distribution - Texture
Particle Size Distribution - Texture: Hydrometer Method - Sand, Silt, Clay%

Particle Size Distribution - Sieve Method

Soil Microbiology
CO2 Respiration (Solvita)

Nitrogen Release (Solvita Slan)

Standard Recommendations - additional $20.00 per Sample.
Organic Recommendations - additional $50.00 per Sample.

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Sample dilutions, special reporting & special invoicing fees will be arranged on a case by case basis.