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Ag Support Services

Please select an analysis below for sampling instructions and container information.
Call us for pricing at (805) 392-2000. Volume and project discounts may apply.
Ag Support Services
Standard soil and plant tissue analyses, most crops and landscape

Special/Organic/Irrigation Water (per sample)

Routine Consulting (Soil Scientist/Agronomist/Certified Crop Adviser)

Nitrogen Management Plan

Infiltration Rate

Soil Survey (includes field evaluation, analyses and comprehensive report)
*Pricing dependent upon site location, accessibility and topography

Special Projects
Consulting for special projects. Contact consultant Scott Bucy at (805) 392-2000 for specific pricing.

Other Services (for select areas)
Irrigation Scheduling Program (211B/IBIS)

Fertilization Program (212,412) Leaf and Soil Collection, Analysis and Recommendations

Pathogen Program (213) Citrus nematode, Citrus phytopthora / Avocado "Root Rot"

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Sample dilutions, special reporting & special invoicing fees will be arranged on a case by case basis.