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FGL Agricultural Announcements

Materials/Disposal Fee

Starting September 2022, FGL invoices will show a $3.00 Materials/Disposal fee for each Chain of Custody (COC) submitted to the lab. This fee is necessary due to repeated and sizeable increases in supplies and environmental disposal costs. We will continue to combat inflationary challenges and thank you for your understanding in this matter.
Early Season Soil Testing

Be sure to collect soil samples now:
  • Collect soil data in the early season for residual nitrate levels
  • Valuable information for building nutrient budgets
  • Check baseline soil EC in areas where salinity management is a concern
  • Monitor the pH of the soil
Any questions or need to discuss this more, please call Ben Waddell at (805) 392-2092.
Early Season Analysis for Nitrogen Management

Let Fruit Growers Laboratory aid you in efficient and profitable nitrogen (N) application by conducting early season tissue analysis for nut crops. Our tissue analysis reports will show current nitrogen levelsĀ and provide predicted July N values following the UC-Early Season Protocol. This can assist you in determining the right rate of N application for the current season, thus maximizing productivity and minimizing the potential for N loss.

Note: FGL is able to report using this protocol for Almonds and Pistachios, and new this year; Walnuts.

Click here for more information on Early-Season Sampling and In-Season Nitrogen Budgeting Protocol by Authors: Sebastian Saa Silva, Saiful Muhammad, Blake Sanden, Emilio Laca, Patrick Brown (UC Davis and UC Cooperative Extension, Kern County)

Internet Based Irrigation System (IBIS)
This is intended to provide an efficient and timely monitoring system to citrus and avocado growers in Ventura and Santa Barbara County. However, the program may be expanded to other crops in other parts of the state at a later date. IBIS is also designed to help growers meet water agency allotment requirements without compromising crop yield and quality.
Click here for more details
Asian Citrus Psyllid Leaf Sample Collection and Handling
Fruit Growers Laboratory has reviewed operations and developed new protocols for handling and processing of citrus leaf samples to provide safeguards that minimize the potential movement of the Asian Citrus Psyllid.
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