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Aug 10, 2015
DataShare Version II
Fruit Growers Laboratory, Inc. is pleased to announce DataShare II. This is an upgraded version to the one launched in 2012. These new features came about as a result of conversations, comments and suggestions made by participants in the program. Below is a summary of the new features now offered by DataShare II.

1. Comparison Feature
The essence of this upgrade is that the results presented will include the data powered by the search parameters. However, the program will also recognize the username and password of the searcher. Consequently, the program will display results relating to the searcher’s own properties (that fit the search parameters) on the same screen as the search results. This simplifies the comparison reviews.

2. Exclusion Feature
A participant can now also search the database and use an option to exclude his/her own properties from the search. This would enable participating growers, grower advisors and grower management companies to review the data while not having their own data "cloud" the resulting search data results.

3. New statistical model to eliminate outliers
FGL recently engaged Dr. Emilio Laca, professor and bio statistician at UC Davis to upgrade the statistical model relating to outliers, utilizing the Medcouple Method. This is now completed and participants in the program can be assured that mean results are consistent with search data parameters, thus giving more accurate and consistent data.

For additional information relating to this program, please contact DataShare coordinator, Denis Barry at 805-901-3720 or email

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