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Who: Industrial Hemp Growers and Ag Commissioners


Through the combined efforts of FGL and our laboratory partner, Consumables Analytical Laboratory (CAL), we can provide sampling and a full suite of hemp analyses under ISO/IEC 17025, including the mandated Total THC required per California Food and Agricultural Code, Section 81006.

Sample Collection for final compliance testing must be done by the Commissioner's office or a "Designated 3rd Party Sampler", such as FGL. Sampling conducted in advance of final compliance, for informational or R&D purposes, can be done by the grower. For analytical pricing information or to schedule FGL for Sampling (if designated), call your local FGL laboratory or (800) 440-7821.

For a copy of the Regulations, click here: Hemp_FINAL_TEXT-of-the-Regulation-IH4940-1.pdf

FGL's New Internet Based Irrigation System (IBIS)
Fruit Growers Laboratory, Inc. (FGL) is pleased to announce the introduction of its new internet based irrigation management program. This is intended to provide an efficient and timely monitoring system to citrus and avocado growers in Ventura and Santa Barbara County. However, the program may be expanded to other crops in other parts of the state at a later date. IBIS is also designed to help growers meet water agency allotment requirements without compromising crop yield and quality.
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Asian Citrus Psyllid Leaf Sample Collection and Handling
Fruit Growers Laboratory has reviewed operations and developed new protocols for handling and processing of citrus leaf samples to provide safeguards that minimize the potential movement of the Asian Citrus Psyllid.
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DataShare Version II
Fruit Growers Laboratory, Inc. is pleased to announce DataShare II. This is an upgraded version to the one launched in 2012. These new features came about as a result of conversations, comments and suggestions made by participants in the program.